ceek vr labs possibilities for the future

Better care through Virtual Reality Medical Education


Emerging Changes

in healthcare delivery are having significant impact on healthcare education.

Medical Knowledge

doubles every 6–8 years so that continuing education at all levels represents an important challenge.

Virtual Reality

Online training provides an engaging educational context, supporting learning-by-doing and contributing to raise staff motivation.

The Result

is increased patient safety and substantial cost reduction at all levels.

the need for vr healthcare education

Shortage of 4.3 million

Physicians, nurses and other health workers in the world. (Shortage will increase to 7.5 million by 2035).


Patients that need care.


Healthcare Professional.

75% of Nurses today are women
47% are 50+ women

Need for Healthcare Professionals

Need for Faster training.

Make it Simple.

area of values

Enhanced Training

Reduces risk as, there will be no limit on the number of times students can access the modules and get thoroughly trained.

Healthcare Training
Residency & Training
Certifications & Continuing Medical Education
Patient Education

healthcare education with virtual reality


Will be used by students to learn anatomy and experience dissection – Eliminates the need for cadavers and live subjects and significantly improves understanding.

VR Training

Includes interactive and realistic VR models of the human body.

VR Models

Will be created to demonstrate the functions of various organ systems – better medical education leading to better doctors and better health care.

emergency care

Emergency care
Many Lives are lost because of the delay in getting to the ER.
VR Modules for use by the general public – includes basic CPR, various simple procedures that can be performed before the medics arrive or the patient can get to the ER.


Virtual Reality

And Haptics are set to change the way patients are diagnosed and treated.

Using Gloves

With haptic feedback and force feedback, we are looking to create the ability for doctors to touch patients through out the far reaches of the world.

Protect Healthcare

Professional from contact with dangerous patients.

vr in
residency training

Residency is a practical training – meaning that the residents get to practice on real patients and learn to do various procedures – both invasive and non invasive and thereby increasing the risk of injury to the patient and potentially having complications.

vr for remote
areas of the world

The VR training modules including various surgical techniques that can be practiced by personnel in remote corners of the world. this improves quality of training and care and help prevent avoidable loss of human life.

ceek - a new approach to healthcare education & training

VR Training

Will greatly reduce the cost associated with training and increase the quality of care, impacting patient safety and satisfaction.

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